Seitons Masdeu Hola i Adeu

Between the start-up, the family business, the conference, the 90s TV show and the theatre play... Seitons Masdeu Hola i Adeu is a universe where everything fits. And where everything that fits is certainty and doubt.

The only thing that isn't in doubt is that Seitons Masdeu's company is a space of honesty, of experimentation, of sharing.

The identity of Seiton's Masdeu encourages biased research, mocks the hyper-narrative discourses that legitimise the work of creatives, and advocates playing with the 'just because' and 'why not'.

The result: the creation of an identity, a logo, a lovable mascot, packaging, merchandising or even the design of the brand's own currency (Why not?).

Seitons Masdeu was presented at the Teatre Lliure in January 2024 as part of the Katharsis cycle.

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