Silbo, de la Gomera al Tirol

Silbo 'From Gomera to Tyrol' is the first animation of pUEnte, a project organized by the Spanish Ministry of Culture that aims to connect some of Europe's traditions. This animated piece seeks to create a bridge between the 'silbo gomero' (a millenary whistled language used by Canarian shepherds to communicate across mountains and ravines) and the Yodel or Tyrolean song, a form of singing that also originates from the calls of shepherds in the Alps.

Direction and illustration: Olga Capdevila

Original idea: Arrebato Libros

Animation: Maliboo

Sound and effects: Daniel Moreno Roldán

Silbo Gomero: Edi Sierra Medina

Client: Acción Cultral Española, Ministry of Culture and Sports.

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